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  • Posters Presentation Time
  • - Poster Presentation will be starting at the Poster Session I, II and Mixer on September 26th
    - 18:30-19:30 odd numbers Poster Presentation and Mixer
    - 19:30-20:30 even numbers Poster Presentation and Mixer
  • Poster size
  • - Poster board dimensions: 1,175mm wide x 950mm high
    - Poster sizes: 1,100mm wide x 900mm high
  • Posters Award
  • - The committee will review all posters during the poster presentation sessions.
    - Presenters will be selected to receive awards .
    - The winners will be announced during the Closing Remarks at 18:00 on September 27th.
    - The winners must be present to receive the award.
  • Recommendations
  • - Use 36-point type for section headings and 24-point type for text;
    - Print a single sheet(in landscape orientation) for easy transportation. You must prepare your own printed poster in advance;
    - Use muted colors for background and bright colors for borders to separate poster sections;
    - Avoid reflective or plastic-coated paper;
    - Structure your poster like a research paper with brief sections covering: introduction (rationale or review of relevant research), methods, results,
      conclusion/summary, and key references list;
    - Adhesive tape will be provided;
    - All posters should be set up by 11:00 on Thursday and removed between 14:00-17:00 on Friday.
    - Any materials left on the poster board after Friday will be removed and discarded. We do not take any responsibility for anything left at the end of poster exhibition.

총 : 244 (Total 244 Articles) [13/13]

No. Abstract No. Category POSTER Number Presenter full name
241 A-140 9. Stem Cell Applications and Regenerative Medicine 980 Elina Maria BUISSON
242 A-329 10. Stem Cell Ethics & Policies 1001 Minh Thu NGUYEN
243 A-218 10. Stem Cell Ethics & Policies 1002 JU-HYUN AN
244 A-136 10. Stem Cell Ethics & Policies 1003 Jusaku MINARI
Korean Society for Stem Cell Research (Business Registration Number : 668-82-00175)
Contact Information
5008, The Catholic University For Korea Institute of Biomedical Industry, 222, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea 06591

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